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Childcare Co-ordinator

The Role of the Childcare Co-ordinator

To contact your Childcare Co-ordinator phone Ext 2918.

Did you know that…

  • 25% of NHS staff are parents with children aged under 14?
  • the NHS provides more childcare support for its staff than any other employer in the UK?
  • 83% of parents surveyed found the NHS childcare strategy helpful in meeting their childcare needs?
  • 31% of parents said the childcare strategy had enabled them to return or remain in work?

The NHS childcare strategy was launched in 2000 and is seen as a central aspect of the Improving Working Lives Standard and the NHS Plan. The objective of the strategy is to support the needs of NHS staff with children, thereby encouraging the recruitment, retention and return of parents to the NHS workforce.

The West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust believes that by providing access to good high-quality childcare, will aid the morale of working parents who are less stressed, more valued and happy in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for.

NHS Good Practice Childcare Pledge

  • We believe that access to good quality affordable childcare is of benefit to staff and helps them deliver better services for patients.
  • Our staff can access information and advice about childcare from an NHS Childcare Co-ordinator.
  • We work in partnership with fellow NHS organisations and childcare planners to promote the development of childcare to meet the needs of all NHS staff.
  • We involve our Childcare Co-ordinator in the development of our recruitment, retention and return strategies and with our progress on Improving Working Lives.

Childcare Co-ordinator

All parents working in the NHS have access to a childcare co-ordinator.

Objectives of a Childcare Co-ordinator:

  • To provide information to all staff groups and healthcare students on the resources available to them, in order for them to make an informed choice on accessing appropriate childcare.  
  • To support and advise parents acting as both an advocate and advisor on childcare issues
  • Locally, to work with childcare providers and planners to secure appropriate childcare services
  • Strategically, to advise managers how childcare support and flexible working can be used effectively to meet targets on the NHS workforce and ultimately provide better healthcare.

So far your Childcare Co-ordinator has:

  • Advised on childcare to enabled many women to return to work from maternity leave
  • Advised on the Trusts partnership with ‘Busy Bees’ to save money on childcare
  • Informed staff on the rights to flexible working within the Trust
  • Built strong relationships, together with a network of Childcare Providers in the local community
  • Acted as a signpost for external agencies within the local community
  • Implemented a ‘Childcare Priority Place Scheme’ for emergency childcare needs
  • Negotiated reduced working hours
  • Worked with managers to arrange manageable shift patterns

 To contact your Childcare Co-ordinator phone Ext 2918.

External Links

Suffolk Childcare Information Service

Provides useful information, advice, guidance and help to parents looking for childcare and early education for their children. For details of all childcare providers go to childcare search for childcare providers in Suffolk with their own websites and contact details.
Tel: 0800 60 800 33

Busy Bees

One of the UK's leading childcare organisations - provides high quality care and services for parents and their children, early years workers and educators, and family friendly employers. WSH works in partnership with Busy Bees to provide childcare vouchers.
Tel: 08000 430 860

NHS Childcare Strategy

Affordable and accessible quality childcare is a vital part of attracting and retaining staff. The NHS Childcare Strategy aims to deliver this facility.
Website: NHS Childcare Strategy.

Daycare Trust

Daycare Trust is the national childcare charity, campaigning for quality, affordable childcare for all and raising the voices of children, parents and carers. They advise parents and carers, providers, employers, trade unions and policymakers on childcare issues.

National Childminding Association

The National Childminding Association (NCM) works in partnership with the Government and the Wales Assembly Government, local authorities, Early Years Development and Childcare Partnerships, Ofsted and other childcare organizations. Its aim is to ensure that every registered childminder has access to services, training, information and support to enable them to do a proper job.

Sure Start Unit

This is a Government unit working with local authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Jobcentre Plus, local communities and voluntary and private sector organisations. It aims to provide early education, quality child care and after school activities for three and four years olds in every area. It also provides family support in disadvantaged areas where they are most needed.

Working Families

This website defines two of the most important parts of life: family and employment. By working with parents and carers and organisations alike, Working Families helps children, working parents and carers and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. It aims to do this by providing information, pragmatic advice and practical solutions.



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