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Chief Executive goes Back to the Floor with Hospital Housekeepers

Date:       Thursday, February 24, 2004
Time:       10am
Venue:     Ward F11
Event:      Photo of Chief Executive before he goes back to the floor as a housekeeper

Chief Executive of West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust Chris Bown will go back to the floor on Thursday (Feb 24) to experience the work of the hospitalís housekeepers.

The experience will help Chris when he speaks on national Think Clean Day on Monday (Feb 28) at the Trustís Sharing Good Practice event for staff.

Chris will complete an afternoon shift on ward F11, getting involved with cleaning and serving meals and beverages to patients.

He said: "Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities for this trust and I want to see how it is done at West Suffolk Hospital for myself.

"It is important not to lose sight of the sharp end of the organisation when you have a job like mine.

"We have made great strides in cleanliness at the hospital but we acknowledge that we still have a way to go. The event on Monday is to bring staff together and look at these issues and the priorities for the future."

The Sharing Good Practice Event will look at the progress the Trust has made on cleanliness and infection control to date and discuss the way ahead. Presentations on examples of good practice around the hospital will be shared with staff so that they can take these ideas and implement them in other departments.

At this lunchtime event there will also be a number of displays for staff on hand hygiene, managing clinical waste and the new super quick test for MRSA which has been introduced at the hospital and provides results within 24 hours.

The event is just one of the initiatives the Trust is running for Think Clean Day on February 28 ≠ a national event aimed at raising the profile of cleaning in hospitals.

The hospital will carry out an environmental audit of ward G2 looking at the infection control measures on the ward. Infection control nurse Helen Tincknell and housekeeping manager Victor Cruz will look at what changes and improvements can be made.

There will be poster displays in the main entrance to the hospital and hospital staff will be giving out leaflets and stickers throughout the morning to visitors, staff and patients.

Permanent hand washing stations will be put up at the entrance to every ward and department in the hospital with a visible plaque that asks staff and visitors to wash their hands with special hand foam. Leaflets on how to wash your hands thoroughly will also be available at the stations. Hand foam is available at every bedside at present.

Infection Control Nurse Helen Tincknell said: "Think Clean Day is an ideal time for all staff to share good practice and concentrate on the many good initiatives we have at the hospital to ensure cleanliness and good infection control practices."


22 February 2005



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