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Our bid to become a Foundation Trust

On 21st February 2004 the Trust launched its bid to become a NHS Foundation Trust. On 31st March 2005, Monitor, the Independent Regulator, announced that the application had been unsuccessful.

For more information about our application, please see the document archive.

The following press release was issued following the announcement:

The Board of West Suffolk Hospital today expressed their disappointment that the Trust has not been granted NHS Foundation Trust status.

Chris Bown, Chief Executive, said that despite significant efforts to address west Suffolk's underlying financial position during the year, the Independent Regulator Monitor has taken the decision not to support the application.

Mr Bown said: "Although it is very disappointing not to achieve foundation status we have learnt a great deal along the way. This valuable experience will not be wasted. West Suffolk Hospital is now in better shape as an organisation to develop with Suffolk West Primary Care Trust the challenging plans that will be necessary to bring financial stability to the west Suffolk health system.

"During the assessment process Monitor complimented the management team on their commitment to deliver quality healthcare. I would like to reassure patients and the wider public that we will continue to provide high quality clinical services to patients regardless of our organisational status."

Chairman Veronica Worrall said: "We have received tremendous support from staff, patients and carers, the local community and partner organisations.

A big thank you goes out to staff for their work in presenting a strong application, to the 8,800 people across Suffolk and neighbouring counties, who signed up to become members and to the Council Members who were elected in October, for their continued interest and enthusiasm.

"Public and patient involvement remains very important to the Trust providing many opportunities for people to play an active part in their local NHS. I hope that some of the public and Council Members will want to pursue these so we continue to benefit from their commitment to the hospital."

31 March 2005

West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust

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