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Unannounced Inspection finds Hospital Cleanliness Good

25 July 2005

A recent, unannounced inspection of West Suffolk Hospital, undertaken by the government body responsible for issuing the annual performance star ratings, assessed cleanliness in the Bury hospital as ‘good’.

The Healthcare Commission sent two Assessment Managers to carry out the cleanliness audit of four areas in the hospital; a surgical adult ward, a medical adult ward, outpatient department and Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. The total percentage score for the areas was, 88%, 91%, 91% and 76% respectively. Scores over 75% are considered to be good. During the visit the assessors spoke to patients and staff including cleaners.

The assessors audited the general environment, general and patient equipment, cleaning equipment, hand washing facilities, toilets, bathroom/showers, kitchens, consulting and treatment rooms. The wards were assessed against 213 detailed standards and the outpatient and A&E departments against 155 standards.

Chief Executive of the West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust, Chris Bown said: “The first thing we knew about the inspection was when the two Healthcare Commission Assessment Managers arrived at the hospital. We know that we have an extremely efficient and effective team of cleaners so it was very pleasing that the assessors did not find any serious areas of concern and confirmed that cleanliness at the West Suffolk Hospital is good.

“However, we will never become complacent and will always strive for the highest standards of cleanliness across the hospital.”


Copies of the Audit of Hospital Cleanliness, Acute Hospital Report, by the Healthcare Commission, are available on request from the Trust office. Contact Sue Warren on 01284 768935 to arrange this.

The detailed audit criteria used by the Assessors was taken from the NHS National Standards for Cleanliness 2001 and the NHS Revised Guidance for Contracting Cleaning 2004.

The inspection was one of a number of similar inspections carried out in a sample of hospitals providing acute and mental health services in England, in both the NHS and the independent sector. The results of these inspections will assist the Healthcare Commission in preparing a national report on cleanliness issues, which will be published in the autumn.

The Healthcare Commission exists to promote improvement in health and healthcare. It has a statutory duty to assess the performance of healthcare organisations, award annual performance ratings for the NHS and co-ordinate reviews carried out by other bodies into NHS healthcare. The Healthcare Commission’s full name is the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection.

Website: Heathcare Commission



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