Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Leaflets

The Trust produces a wide range of leaflets which provide information about its services and about the treatment you might receive in our clinics or during your stay in hospital.

To view the leaflets belonging to a particular subject, please click one of the categories listed in the menu on the right. Alternatively, use the search box below.

The leaflets are in Adobe pdf format and you will need to install Adobe Acrobat to view them.

Most recently added Leaflets:

Surgical Pre Assessment Clinic

5083-2, (Surgical Services)

Looking After Your Lungs

5273-1, (Physiotherapy)

COPD Exacerbation Self Management Plan

5270-1, (Respiratory Medicine)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) A Fact Sheet

5269-1, (Respiratory Medicine)

About the Consent Form

5047-1, (Surgical Services)

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

5216-1, (Surgical Services)

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

5215-1, (Surgical Services)

Inguinal Hernia Repair

5214-1, (Surgical Services)

Waiting For Joint Replacement - What Happens Now

5247-1, (Trauma and Orthopaedics)

Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT)

5244-1, (Physiotherapy)


Please note that not all our leaflets are on this website; we are continually reviewing and updating our leaflets and more will be added as they become available.  If you require further information, please contact your doctor or an appropriate health professional. Alternately, contact the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS), tel: 01284 712555 (see the PALS section of this website).


For NHS staff only: The Patients Leaflets Toolkit and Template can be obtained from the front page of the Pink Book (available on the NHS Net only).