Trust Policies and Procedures

The Trust's policies and procedures relate to its operation, staff, facilities, health and safety, risk management and services provided to patients.

You can view a complete list of policies, listed by number or listed alphabetically.

Most recently added policies:

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

(Policy ref no: PP(08)039 ; issued: Dec 2008)

Maternity & Adoption

(Policy ref no: PP(09)169 ; issued: Jan 2009)

Display Screen Equipment (Working with)

(Policy ref no: PP(08)025 ; issued: Dec 2008)

Latex - Prevention and Management of Risks

(Policy ref no: PP(08)195 ; issued: Nov 2008)

Time off for Trade Union Duties and Activities

(Policy ref no: PP(08)055 ; issued: Dec 2008)

Professional and Study Leave for Medical Staff

(Policy ref no: PP(08)032 ; issued: Dec 2008)

Lone Working Safety

(Policy ref no: PP9)*)134 ; issued: Dec 2008)

Bullying and Harassment

(Policy ref no: PP(08)080 ; issued: Dec 2008)