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All persons applying for employment in the Trust should download and complete the following Application for Employment form (this is a Microsoft Word document).

Where a Disclosure is required, as stipulated in the advertisement, please complete the Fitness to Practice form.

Note: the application form above should not be used when applying for Senior House Officer (SHO) posts.

Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy


West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust believes that there should be no discrimination (direct or indirect) in relation to recruitment, training and promotion on grounds of race, colour, sex, marital status or disability.  The Trust will take all appropriate steps to ensure that all employees are recruited, trained and promoted on the basis of ability, the requirements of the job and the need to maintain a highly effective and efficient patient care service.

This policy is in accordance with the fully provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations Act 1976, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and endorses the Equal Opportunities Commission Code of Practice and Commission for Racial Equality Code of Practice (1983).


To ensure the equal opportunities is effective, detailed monitoring of applications will be carried out.  This necessitates the collection of information regarding the applicants ethnic origin, sex, marital status and disablement.  This information will be used solely for monitoring purposes, will be treated as confidential and will be separated on receipt and before consideration of candidates takes place.


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We are an equal opportunities employer and a no smoking trust.

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