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There are maps showing the main routes to the hospital in the How to find us section of this website.

Normally, transport will not be arranged for you by the hospital unless it is necessary because of your medical condition. This will be decided by the hospital medical staff. Unless you see the words 'Transport arranged' on your admission letter you will need to ask relatives or friends to bring you in on the day of your admission. Even if your own Doctor arranged for hospital transport for your outpatient appointments, you will not automatically be given hospital transport. Please check with the hospital if you have any doubts or queries.

Public transport

Eastern Counties Bus Company runs the B1 bus service from St Andrew's Street North to the hospital and return, at approximately 15 minute intervals. The railway station is on Station Hill, approximately one mile from the town centre, and two miles from the hospital. Trains run direct from Ipswich and Cambridge to Bury St Edmunds. Several taxis run service from the station, or there is a bus service which runs from Station Hill to St Andrew's Street North, connecting with the service to the hospital.

Car parking charges

Pay and display - the charges and time limits are displayed on the front of all machines located around the site.

Attendants will be responsible for making sure that cars are displaying car parking tickets and fire exits and main entrances are not blocked to emergency vehicles. Wheel clamps will be used where cars:

      fail to display a parking ticket in pay and display areas;

    are parked on service roads or in ambulance bays in front of the hospital as these are used by emergency vehicles.

For further information, see Getting to the Hospital.

Disabled drivers

Holders of a valid disabled badge may park in one of the 17 disabled parking spaces (11 at the front and 6 at the rear) on the hospital site. There is no time limit and no parking ticket is required. Patients or visitors unable to walk from the hospital car parks may be set down at the rear or front entrances of the hospital prior to the driver parking the car.

Advice to patients and visitors

When travelling by car please leave sufficient time to park and get to your hospital destination. Please make sure you do not park on the service roads or in ambulance bays in the front of the hospital as these are used by emergency vehicles.

Please ensure that you have some small change to cover the cost of the car park. Change machines can be found in the main front entrance and in the Food Stop cafeteria.


The Trust has identified criteria which is used to decide who is eligible to receive reimbursement of their car park charges. The policy includes:

      people who are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit;

      certain visitors who are obliged to make numerous prolonged visits to the hospital. Reimbursement will only be made on submission of valid pay and display tickets and subject to the discretion of the Ward Manager.



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