Information for Inpatients 

What does Pharmacy do?

A team of pharmacists, technicians, assistants, clerical and ancillary staff work to provide a service throughout the Trust. Our aim is to assess your medication on admission then monitor treatment and supply appropriate medication both during your stay and on discharge.

Pharmacists provide clinical checks of all dispensed medication including liaison with the prescriber and the ward, where necessary. Drug charts for inpatient use are appropriately annotated to increase therapeutic benefit with warnings and any relevant additional information.

Prescriptions are checked for their appropriateness in both therapeutic terms and in dose, frequency and duration (especially for antibiotics). Counselling is provided for certain medication where deemed necessary.

Ward visits and Near Patient Services

Most of the wards are visited on a regular basis. On specific wards we are currently providing a 'near patient' service. This service is based on the ward, not in the Pharmacy so patients, nurses and doctors can obtain advice and information more easily and the procedure for supply of medication is more efficient. This is a service we hope to expand.

Dispensary services

The dispensary prepares medication for inpatients, outpatients and patients being discharged from hospital. Technicians and assistant technical staff undertake the bulk of the dispensing operation as well as accuracy checks.

We have introduced 'one stop' dispensing throughout the hospital. Patients are encouraged to bring all their medication from home that will be stored in a secure bedside locker, to ensure there is no break in treatment on admission. Any medication needed will be dispensed ready for discharge to improve efficiency.


Only specific outpatient clinics and certain previously agreed prescriptions will be dispensed at the hospital pharmacy, all others should be dispensed in the community. Charges are applicable for hospital outpatient prescriptions. Outpatients are supplied with a maximum of two weeks medication, unless a specific course states otherwise or if the medicine is unavailable in the community.

Other services

Medicines Information

This service offers advice on aspects of drug therapy if appropriate.


Some medicines need to be made in the hospital:-

         Medicines that need to be made under sterile conditions and have a short expiry date.

         Medicines that are not made by any manufacturers.



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