Information for Inpatients 

Nutrition and Dietetic Service

The service is provided by a small team of enthusiastic dietitians all of whom are State Registered.

What your Dietitians do

Dietitians aim to ensure that all patients in hospital receive a nutritionally adequate diet and they liaise with other health professionals to enable optimal nutritional care. If a special diet is required as part of your treatment, a dietitian will ensure that you individual dietary needs are provided for.

The ward staff will explain how to order your special diet while you are in hospital.

When you go home

It may be necessary for you to remain on your diet when you go home. Written information will be provided and follow up appointments can-be arranged at either this hospital or at one of the Community clinics.

Community clinics are managed by the Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service who may be contacted on 01284 723315.

Eating and drinking are important when you are ill

It is not unusual to lose your appetite when you are unwell. This may be because of the illness itself, the treatment or your fears and anxiety.

Eating and drinking will help you:

  • Fight infection

  • Maintain your weight

  • Respond to your treatment and drugs

  • Heal more quickly

In fact you will generally feel better and be home much quicker. It is best to keep trying to eat little and often when your appetite is poor. If you need help with either choosing your meals or arranging a snack in between meals, ask one of the nurses to help you.

There is a Nutrition Link Nurse on your ward who liaises with the Nutrition & Dietetic Service. The Nutrition Link Nurse or any other nurse on the ward can if you are encountering problems with food put you in touch with a dietitian.



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